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Suntec Suntec

IP Call
State of the Art
for Nurse Call System

"IP Call" The innovation
for the future with modern design,
function, material and technology
for health IEC standard.
Medical Electrical Equipment
IEC 60601-1
IEC 60601-1-2

Nurse Call System & Nurse Call Equipment

Suntec Technology was established for two decades since 2004. We are the leading supplier of nurse call system and equipment for health care industries in Thailand. Our nurse call system IP Call was continuously improved about design and technology to fulfill all of our customers’ requirements from retirement home, hospital, nursing home, etc. We design and develop features to enhance patient safety together with convenience.  We have received IEC standard, Medical Electrical Equipment |IEC 60601 -1] & (IEC 60601-1-2]








      • Heart Rate Monitor/Alarm
      • Blood Pressure Monitor/Alarm
      • Fall Detection Alarm
      • Patient Tracking



"IP Call" come with real time report calls for 24/7 basis,
Our system can do daily, monthly, quarterly and yearly report

separated by room, call type to analyze and develop your customer services.  

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IP based nurse call system "IP call" is the most up-to-date nurse call system now in Thailand with multifunction and extremely user-friendly